The SleepSpec range of products was developed by Dr Robert Daniel who has a particular interest in the control systems of the brain and how they affect sleep.  Using the latest scientific insights, he invented the SleepSpec range of products to help people sleep better and live healthier lives.


In his research, Dr Daniels discovered a connection between the presence of certain kinds of ambient light and the disruption of the human circadian rhythm – the “internal clock” that regulates our sleeping.


The SleepSpec range of light filtering devices and accessories block out blue light.

Blue light acts as the “on switch” in sunlight, letting your body know that it is morning and time to wake up. Blue light is also present in artificial lighting. In our modern world of electricity and mobile devices, which can disrupt our sleep without us even knowing it, SleepSpec was designed to block out the light and lead to restful nights.

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