1. Listen to your body?
      1. Morning stiffness – especially lower, middle or upper back and neck – you are not getting the right support and your muscles aren’t able to relax and regenerate properly
      2. Joint pains – lack of adequate support puts pressure on your joints when you sleep
      3. Feel like you need another hour or two of sleep when your alarm bell rings? – Although we often feel like we have slept the whole night through, the quality of our sleep will determine how we feel when we wake up.  Lack of deep, restorative sleep will make you feel tired and in need of more sleep when you wake.  Excessive tossing and turning disrupts your sleep even if you aren’t conscious of the movement it prohibits your brain’s ability to move into the deep sleep cycle.
      4. Regular illness and headaches can be attributed to poor sleep because your body and brain aren’t able to restore themselves through good quality sleep which compromises your immune system
      5. Developing allergy related issues. – See point 2B.  
    • NB – as we grow older our bodies need different levels of support and comfort.  Age and weight are important factors to take into account when buying your next mattress to ensure your get the best fit and support for your needs.   
    1. Is your mattress older than 5-7 years?  
      1. Most mattress products produced in South Africa are built to last between 5-7 years. Although many claim their guarantees are longer, they generally do not refer to the support function of the mattress but rather to the covering and frame construction.  This is an important distinction to make as ultimately it is the support and comfort that are the most important factors in a mattress.  Even though your mattress may look and feel fine, a good rule of thumb is if it is older than 5-7 years it needs replacing.
      2. Hygiene – very few mattresses are made from anti allergen materials – these materials generally only occur in your premium products and therefore after a number of years dust mites, and other micro-organisms will become excessive and start causing respiratory and allergy related problems
      3. Poor ventilated covers and mattress cores cause capture of fluids whereas more premium products allow for better air flow and wicking ability.   


    1. Is your pillow older than 12 months?  
      1. Most pillows don’t offer much in the way of guarantee on their lifespan or quality and there is a reason for that…. because they can’t.  If they do its on the construction and not on the support or core durability.   
      2. Hygiene – as per the point raised in 2B.  If your pillow doesn’t have anti allergen components built into its cover harmful micro organisms will collect and start to influence your health and quality of sleep.
    2. Does your mattress display any of the following signs?
      1. Sagging (more than 1-2cm is replacement potential)
      2. Lumpy and uneven
      3. Noisy - springs wearing and rusty
      4. Odour – if your bed starts to smell its time to look for a new one and the same for your pillow.