1. Are your retail stores open? 

Yes, all our stores are current trading.  Due to the ongoing changes in mall operating hours please contact the store you would like to visit to confirm their trading hours.

  1. Can I purchase online or over the telephone?

Our online store is open for you to purchase. If you need product information to finalise your purchase please send an email to [email protected] and we will be able to assist you.


  1. Are you able to deliver my order?

Yes, our delivery services are fully functional currently.  We conduct safe and compliant sanitization protocols, before, during and post the delivery process.   

  1. Is a drop and go and contact-less delivery service is also available?

 If you do not feel comfortable with our delivery crew entering you home, then you may request a drop and go service which will be handled as follows:

  • Our distribution hub will call with a delivery date that will suit you.
  • We will call you once we arrive at your premises. 
  • We will then deliver your package to your front door/ main entrance and place the delivery note on a clipboard next to or on top your package. 
  • We will return to our vehicle and call you again to inform you that your package is at your front door / main entrance.
  • We will request that you sign the delivery note with your own pen.
  • Once you have signed the delivery note, please place it 1m away from your door/ main entrance so our delivery team can safely obtain it. 

 3.What protective measures will be in place during delivery?

  • Our Delivery and Warehouse Team will wear protective gear at all times, so you are comfortable with the delivery.
  • Our Delivery team will sanitize their hands and shared tools before and after delivery.
  • You will be required to sign the delivery note with your own pen.


  1. Are you able to remove my old bed?

Yes we can.  Please make prior arrangement when the delivery date is confirmed so that the delivery team can make time and space allowance for dealing with the items to be removed.

 Protective Measures

  1. What protective measures will be in place at your distribution centre?
  • Sanitization programs have been implemented at our Distribution Centre.
  • The packaging of your purchase will be sanitized at our Distribution Centre.
  • Our delivery teams will carry sanitizers with them as well as wear gloves and masks.
  • If any of our distribution hub members show signs of a high temperature/ fever, they will be asked to go home and follow the guidelines as given by the South African Government. 
  1. What protective measures will be in place at your retail stores?
  • We have strict sanitization protocols in place at store level.
  • Staff will wear masks & gloves at all times.
  • Customers will be required to sanitise their hands on entry to the store.
  • Disposable mattress and pillow covers will be provided if a customer wishes to try out our products in store.
  • All products will be sanitized prior and post customer interaction.
  • Payment transaction safety protocols will be implemented.

 Lead Times and Stock Availability 

  1. Is your stock availability affected?

We are always very well stocked. However, due to most of our products be imported and due to us not being allowed currently to bring in shipments, we can not guarantee all products will be in stock. Our website will indicate if a product is out of stock & be unavailable for purchase.  Should something go wrong with our stock & we find that a certain product that you purchase be out of stock, you will be called with an alternative solution.

  1. Are delivery lead times affected?

Our delivery lead time is normally 8 working days, but due to backlog & some reduced transporting taking place during the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, this may take a little longer - but we will try our utmost to get the items to you in time.

We will keep you informed about your delivery via calls and / or emails.



Service calls and product inspections

  1. The after-sale services?

All our after-sales services are fully functional. Please contact us on [email protected] or [email protected] if you have any queries or issues that need to be attended to.

3S International T/A Vencasa reserves the right to update the above information in line with guidelines issued by the South African government.