Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about TEMPUR Pillows

One of the things we are most proud of is the fact that TEMPUR pillows are different to many of the conventional pillows available today. Whether you’re talking design, quality, range, or simply the outstanding level of support and comfort our pillows offer, it is this difference that sets us apart from our competition.

What we also understand, however, is that by being different, we may need to answer some questions regarding how our pillows work, and what they can offer. That’s why on this page, we will list answers to some of the questions we are most commonly asked, so you can find out for yourself why different is better.

Designed to offer pressure-relieving support within a huggable, easily-shaped design, the Comfort, Traditional and Ombracio pillows are made up of shredded TEMPUR material, enclosed in a TEMPUR membrane.

Within the TEMPUR Ergonomic pillow collection, the Original, Symphony and Millennium pillows are made from TEMPUR material poured into moulds. This provides consistent, all night support, without the need for shifting or reshaping.

At TEMPUR, we do not outsource the manufacture of any of our pillows. This allows us to retain the highest manufacturing and design standards with each and every pillow we create. All TEMPUR pillows are made in Denmark.

TEMPUR pillows are made to last, which is why we offer a three year warranty on all of our pillows as part of our TEMPUR Guarantee. That means you can rely on your TEMPUR pillow to offer the same great level of comfort and support on day 1095 as it does on day 1.

While you may see conventional pillows on sale at ‘bargain’ prices, you should think about what a pillow should offer before you buy.

First, consider how much time you spend in bed asleep. Your head will rest on your pillow for around eight hours each night, or in other words, one-third of each day. With that much time in use, you need your pillow to offer durability, while also providing the support your head and neck needs to stay properly aligned throughout the night.

Cheap conventional pillows tend not to last long, and it’s unlikely they provide the support you need either. That means, not only will you have to spend more money to replace them sooner – creating waste that is not great for the environment – you may also not benefit from comfort or support over time.

On the other hand, TEMPUR pillows offer superior design, with options to suit various sleep styles and preferences. They are built to last, with each TEMPUR pillow offering a three-year warranty. Not only that, TEMPUR pillows are the only pillows to be endorsed by NASA.

So, are TEMPUR pillows worth it? While the initial outlay may be somewhat larger than cheap conventional pillows, TEMPUR pillows provide durability, quality and support from day one, allowing you to invest in your quality of sleep and your comfort over the long term.

Instead of simply asking what is the best TEMPUR pillow, you need to ask what is the best TEMPUR pillow for you. With a wide range on offer, TEMPUR pillows are designed to suit all sleep styles and preferences. So, to find the best TEMPUR pillow for you, you first need to think about how you sleep.

To do this, consider what you want from your pillow. Do you want an ergonomic pillow that is contoured to your head and neck? Within the TEMPUR Ergonomic pillow collection, you can find options that feature design shaping to offer contouring and support for the sleep position you favour most.

Alternatively, if you prefer traditional pillow shaping, you can choose from the TEMPUR Traditional pillow collection. Within this collection, you can choose your pillow according to your sleep style and your preferred level of firmness.

If you are a side sleeper and prefer the feel of a more traditionally shaped pillow, you can find all the support you need within TEMPUR’s Traditional pillow collection. However, if you’re looking for ergonomic support as a side sleeper, be sure to take the TEMPUR Original Pillow into consideration. Available in a variety of sizes, this pillow offers exceptional support for side sleepers.

The TEMPUR Symphony Pillow may provide another alternative if you tend to switch between sleeping on your side and your back. This ergonomic pillow is designed as two pillows in one, with one side supporting side sleepers, and the other supporting back sleepers.

If you sleep on your back, you may find your perfect fit within TEMPUR’s Traditional collection of traditionally shaped pillows, with soft, medium and firm feel on offer.

The TEMPUR Millennium Pillow is designed specifically to suit back sleepers, with a curved edge and a contoured top working to cradle your neck and support your head as you sleep. The TEMPUR Symphony Pillow offers another alternative for back sleepers who also sleep on their side.

When you sleep on your stomach, it’s important to make sure your pillow does not cause improper alignment of your spine. The TEMPUR Ombracio Pillow is ergonomically designed to support stomach sleepers, with indentations at the side allowing for easier breathing. The shape of this pillow, along with its material and cover, all work together to offer superior comfort and support as you sleep on your stomach.

When you get a new pillow, no matter what type of pillow you opt for, there is likely to be a period of adjustment as you get used to the way it feels.

How long it takes to get used to your new TEMPUR pillow will usually depend on the type of pillow you choose. If you opt for a TEMPUR pillow from the Traditional pillow collection, this will have the feel of a conventional pillow, so there shouldn’t be much of an adjustment period. You may find it softens up slightly over time.

If you opt for a pillow from the Ergonomic pillow collection, there will be a period of adjustment where you will need to allow for the cells within the TEMPUR material to open fully. As these cells open in response to body heat, you may find it helpful to sit on your pillow initially. Over time, the cells will open naturally, to allow for a softer feel.

If you find your new TEMPUR pillow is too firm at first, you may want to sit on it to soften it. Why?When the pillow is new, the cell structure within the TEMPUR material is not fully open. By sitting on the pillow, your body weight and heat will help to open those cells, working to soften it faster. You will only need to do this over the short adjustment period, as once the cells are fully open, they will become more responsive to offer a softer and more comfortable feel.

After the initial adjustment period, your TEMPUR pillow will become softer and offer a more comfortable feel. But, does it still provide the support you need? The answer is yes. The TEMPUR material in your pillow is working exactly as it should. The open-cell structure is now fully open, promoting better ventilation and continued support, despite feeling different to the way it felt when you first started using it.

After the initial adjustment period, your TEMPUR pillow will become softer and offer a more comfortable feel. But, does it still provide the support you need? The answer is yes. The TEMPUR material in your pillow is working exactly as it should. The open-cell structure is now fully open, promoting better ventilation and continued support, despite feeling different to the way it felt when you first started using it.

If you have a stiff neck or neck pain, TEMPUR pillows may provide some pressure relief and support as you sleep. But, while TEMPUR pillows are designed to help provide comfort for your back and neck, it is always advisable that you consult a qualified medical practitioner for advice with neck pain.

Wondering how to sleep on a TEMPUR pillow? With the Traditional pillow range, it’s just as you would any other pillow! Simply place your head on your TEMPUR pillow, in whatever sleep position you find comfortable.

Alternatively, if you’re using a TEMPUR Ergonomic pillow, for example, the TEMPUR® Original Pillow, these are uniquely shaped to follow the natural curve of your body. Place the pillow contour side up, as pictured below. This helps to support the alignment of your spine, making sure your body remains supported throughout the night.

Within the TEMPUR pillow range, there are two collections: Traditional and Ergonomic. With their classic pillow shaping, TEMPUR pillows within the Traditional collection can be slept on in any way you find comfortable. However, TEMPUR pillows in the Ergonomic collection are designed to offer support according to your favoured sleep position. That means the pillow you choose will work best when you place it according to the instructions provided.

Can you wash a TEMPUR pillow? That depends on the type of TEMPUR pillow you choose. In general, TEMPUR material cannot be washed or dry cleaned. If you try to wash traditional TEMPUR pillows, the TEMPUR material within them will no longer function as it should.

Instead, if you have a traditional TEMPUR pillow, first remove the cover to ventilate the TEMPUR material. You may carefully wipe the surface of the pillow with a well-wrung cloth to remove surface stains or dirt. To wash the cover, turn it inside-out, close the zipper, and follow the care instructions. You may air dry or tumble dry the cover.

Every TEMPUR pillow comes with a washable cover. Designed to meet OEKO-TEX® CLASS 1 standards, these hypoallergenic covers can be removed and washed as needed at temperatures up to 60°C to kill dust mites.

It is up to you whether you decide to put a pillowcase over this cover.

We understand your sleep space is your sanctuary. Which means it has to look the part for it to feel the part. Helping you create a cohesive environment, no matter your choice of décor, your TEMPUR pillows will blend seamlessly within your sanctuary using your choice of pillowcase. So yes, in short, you can put pillowcases on your TEMPUR pillow.

Frequently Asked Questions about TEMPUR Mattresses

When buying a new mattress, you are investing in your health, your comfort, and your ability to get a good night’s sleep. With an investment that significant, it’s important that you take time to make the right decision – and as we all know, the best decisions come from being well informed.

With that in mind, we thought we’d gather together some questions and answers that may help to make your decision that much easier. After all, we know how special TEMPUR mattress are. It’s time you did too.

In the 1980s, NASA released to the public its pressure-absorbing material designed to help cushion and support astronauts during lift-off. Taking more than a decade to develop this design, two companies in Sweden and Denmark came together to create TEMPUR material for use in mattresses.

Utilising that design, TEMPUR launched in 1991, quickly finding success around the world. As demand grew, TEMPUR expanded into North America, building an R&D and engineering centre in Duffield, Virginia and a fabrication plant in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Meanwhile, in Denmark, the R&D facility and factory was extended considerably.

Today, all TEMPUR mattresses are manufactured either in the US or Denmark TEMPUR facilities. Manufacturing is not outsourced, which means standards remain as high today as they were when TEMPUR was first founded.

One of the questions we often hear is, is TEMPUR latex or memory foam? While TEMPUR material is neither latex or memory foam, it is perhaps more like memory foam in the way that it behaves. However, it’s the construction of TEMPUR material that sets it apart.

TEMPUR material is made from billions of visco-elastic spherical shaped, open cells. These cells are designed to respond to the heat and weight of your body, meaning they shift and move to mould to your body’s exact contours. This not only provides the support you need, it also eliminates pressure points to allow blood to flow freely throughout the night. With less tossing and turning, you can enjoy a more comfortable night’s rest, and better quality sleep.

While TEMPUR material may be compared to generic memory foam, it is in fact superior in many ways. So, what is the difference between TEMPUR material and memory foam?

Design: One of the most important things to note about TEMPUR material is that it is composed using a secret formula. While competitors have tried to replicate it, none have been successful. The result? Not only is TEMPUR material developed from a NASA design, TEMPUR is the only mattress company to be certified by the International Space Foundation.

Production Value: Some competitors outsource their production, which can make it hard to monitor quality. TEMPUR manufactures its own products, keeping to the highest possible design and manufacturing standards at all times.

Comfort & Durability: Utilising an open-cell structure, TEMPUR material perfectly contours to the body. This allows it to adapt to each body type, with less than 3% rebound. It also allows for excellent durability, with each TEMPUR mattress guaranteed by a 10-year warranty.

Each TEMPUR mattress features an open-cell structure, which allows it to spread body weight more evenly, eliminating pressure points to offer a more comfortable night’s rest. When used in conjunction with the Adjustable Zero G bed base range, TEMPUR mattresses can help to reduce the pressure exerted on the spine, while working to relieve muscle tension.

While a TEMPUR mattress may help to alleviate your back pain, it’s recommended you seek the advice of a medical professional.

Because generic memory foam mattresses tend to ‘run hot’, we often get asked if TEMPUR mattresses suffer the same problem. However, thanks to the open cell structure utilised in the design of TEMPUR material, this allows for easy ventilation and dissipation of heat.

As a big investment, it’s important to make sure your mattress will stand the test of time. So, how often should you change your mattress? It’s generally recommended you change your mattress every 10 years. However, you may find some mattresses don’t last that long, becoming lumpy and unsupportive long before the 10-year mark.

TEMPUR mattresses, however, are built to last. With a 10-year full replacement guarantee on all TEMPUR mattresses purchased directly from TEMPUR or an authorised retailer, you can be sure your mattress will offer the same level of comfort and support throughout that 10-year period.

Finding the perfect mattress often means testing out the options. By visiting one of TEMPUR’s retail partners, you can do just that. Find your local TEMPUR stockist here, then use these tips on how to choose a mattress to find the right option for you.

You can sleep on your mattress straight away. In fact, the more time you spend on your new mattress the better. Why? If you are used to a more traditional style of mattress, such as an innerspring mattress, your new TEMPUR mattress will initially feel quite different. The high level of support TEMPUR mattresses offer means your body may need time to adjust to the change.

By spending time in bed, reading, watching television, or simply relaxing, you can speed up that adjustment time. Either way, it shouldn’t take longer than a few weeks for your body to adjust to the feel of your new TEMPUR mattress, to start enjoying the exceptional comfort, support and pressure-relieving qualities that encourage a wonderful night’s sleep.

A. Washing TEMPUR material prevents it from functioning as it should, which means it should not be washed, sponged or dry cleaned. If you’re wondering how to clean your mattress without washing it, here are some tips:

  • TEMPUR material features environmentally friendly bacterium-reducing components, which prevent bacterial and fungal growth, so the mattress itself needs little maintenance.
  • By placing the mattress on a ventilated bed base, it allows air to circulate freely and prevents moisture from accumulating.

The removable cover on your mattress can be removed and washed as needed. Note: some covers cannot be washed, so check the care instructions carefully.

While most TEMPUR mattress covers can be washed, some cannot. Check the label stitched inside the cover for care instructions on how to best care for your mattress cover. You will generally find older ‘Deluxe’ models and mattresses that have TEMPUR material embedded or quilted into the cover can be removed, but not washed. Instead, these covers should be aired to renew their freshness.

TEMPUR mattresses feature a removable cover, which can be washed or aired as needed. However, you do need a mattress protector for your mattress, not just for your guarantee but to make sure that your mattress cover doesn’t age.

TEMPUR material is not waterproof. However, your mattress should remain dry and comfortable with your TEMPUR mattress protector in place. Waterproof and breathable, this mattress protector is made from natural fibres that breathe with the body. It also features an intelligent membrane that prevents your mattress from getting wet, which is the thinnest in the market.

Wondering whether you can put the TEMPUR mattress on an adjustable bed base? Or if you can you put a TEMPUR mattress on slats? The answer is yes – to both questions.

If you want an adjustable bed, you can opt for a TEMPUR mattress that is compatible with our adjustable bed range, allowing you to find the most comfortable position for sleep, or for reading or watching television in bed.

You may also place a TEMPUR mattress on a slatted base, however we recommend using a solid base from the TEMPUR bed base range.

Wondering whether you should flip your mattress and how often? While other mattresses may need to be flipped or turned regularly to ensure they remain comfortable, TEMPUR mattresses do not. TEMPUR material is designed to return to its original shape, day after day, year after year. For that reason, there is no reason to flip or turn TEMPUR mattresses.

We do not recommend the use of electric blankets or hot water bottles when sleeping on a TEMPUR mattress. Because TEMPUR material responds to your body heat, an electric blanket or hot water bottle will prevent it from doing this and properly contouring to your shape. It may also cause irreversible damage to the pressure-relieving properties of your mattress. If your hot water bottle leaks, to wet, stain or damage your ma

Frequently Asked Questions about MAGNIFLEX Mattresses

The materials from which a mattress is made is far more important than the thickness. Some low-quality mattresses can be extremely thick due to large springs and substandard foams. Magniflex mattresses consist of high quality, durable, and patented foams so even our thinner mattresses provide correct support for your body.

This common misconception is incorrect. Magniflex mattresses offer correct support regardless of comfort level or price. The level of softness or firmness is a question of preference. Whether your Magniflex mattress is soft or hard, it will give you the same correct back support you need.

Compared to other memory foam mattresses, the patented Memoform formula by Magniflex, responds mainly to the pressure of the body rather than to body heat. Our Memoform range also features mattresses with Outlast fabrics designed to keep you at a comfortable temperature.

Magniflex recommends the use of wooden slatted bedbases, as these allow air to circulate through the mattress freely, helping with transpiration of the mattress. The transpiration process ensures greater hygiene and a healthier environment, ideal for people who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems.

Due to the durability of our foams it is not necessary to turn the mattress, and In fact some of our models are designed to be used on one side only. For double sided mattresses you may turn your mattress to ensure equal distribution of use.

Unfortunately, many companies claim to manufacture medical mattresses as there is no official definition of what a medical mattress is. Certain Magniflex mattresses have been recognised as Medical Devices in Italy but we refrain from calling ours medical mattresses. All Magniflex mattresses are designed to provide correct support for your body and with your health and well-being in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions about MALOUF Pillows

Selecting the right pillow is about finding one that is comfortable and provides proper neck and head support. You want to consider your sleep position, mattress density, and body type.

Our Zoned Technology™ design creates the ideal combination of comfort, support, and airflow. Larger holes in the center cradle your head, while smaller holes around the perimeter create a supportive zone for your neck.

Yes, we do have pillowcases for all shoulder cut pillow range.

We carry products that can help alleviate allergy symptoms, such as our Bamboo Charcoal Pillow and TENCEL™ Sheet Set.

Our premium memory foam is exceptionally supportive and is more responsive than typical memory foam.

The down feathers in our TripleLayer™ Down Pillow are high-quality, traceable to the source, and never plucked from live animals.

Yes. Our Zoned Dough® pillows come in three natural scents: Chamomile, Lavender, and Peppermint

Bamboo charcoal has many great qualities: It eliminates odo urs, absorbs excess moisture, regulates temperature, and is an excellent choice for people with allergies.

We recommend using a damp cloth to spot clean your pillow.

You can purchase a pillow protector to help your pillow last longer.