About Us

Since 1985, the Pharmaline brand has served the comfort and wellness needs of the refined South African sleeper and in 2017 the brand was given a facelift and a reinvigorated sense of purpose with its rebranding as Vencasa.

Vencasa is a South African retailer specialising in luxury bedding and sleep solutions. We offer a wide range of products, including mattresses, pillows, bedding accessories, and sleep technology devices. With over three decades of in-house experience sourcing premium quality products from the world’s most renowned bed and bedding brands, we now partner with sleep specialists from across the globe and put that experience and expertise to work for the local market.

The spirit and passion at the heart of the brand has never changed. If anything, we have grown more focused and we believe as strongly as ever, that the positive physiological and psychological effects of a good night’s sleep cannot be overestimated.


Our appreciation for the science behind perfect rest means that our product development is medically informed and scientifically sound. Every item purchased from Vencasa – whether from our Signature range or sourced from one of the brands we house in-store – represents the end result of exhaustive research.

From sleeping positions to the material of your bedding of choice, every aspect of your sleeping well-being has been taken into account.


In addition to our retail offerings, we often emphasise the importance of sleep health and education, providing expert advice and guidance to help customers improve their sleep quality. We also offer services such as mattress consultations and personalised sleep assessments to help individuals find the perfect sleep solutions tailored to their needs.

Vencasa stands out as the exclusive distributor of Tempur mattresses in South Africa, offering customers access to the renowned Tempur sleep technology known for its exceptional comfort and support. In addition to Tempur, Vencasa proudly represents a curated selection of well-established brands in the bedding industry. These brands include Magniflex, recognised for its Italian craftsmanship and innovative mattress designs; Malouf, known for its premium bedding accessories and sleep technology solutions; and Velfont, offering a range of high-quality bedding products designed for comfort and durability.

With a commitment to providing customers with the finest sleep solutions available, Vencasa combines the expertise of these trusted brands to offer a comprehensive range of luxury bedding and sleep products tailored to meet individual needs and preferences.