Magniflex MagniStretch 10

The technological and innovative mattress that ensures an exceptional benefit to the spine, thanks to the stretching and extension action exerted during your sleep, with a Medium Firm level of comfort..

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The patented technological and innovative mattress that ensures exceptional benefits to the spine, thanks to the subtle traction exerted during sleep, with a Medium Firm level of comfort.
MagniStretch mattresses are designed to decompress your spine, reducing muscle contractions and relieving back and neck pain caused by bad postural habits. The 2 sets of inclined foam sections move in opposite directions in response to your body weight, creating a subtle traction on your spine and increasing the space between the vertebrae.
MagniStretch uses a technological patent created in collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Zaraoza, through an articulated program of ergonomic tests, and it is certified by ACA – AMERICAN CHIROPRATIC ASSOCIATION – the leading national association in the USA – for the beneficial effect of lengthening and relaxing the spine in the mattress.

Height: 25cm

Mattress Layers:

A: The Lining
The thermos-regulating material, Outlast®, of which the lining is made, creates a perfect microclimate during the night; the viscose, present in the lining, makes it even softer. The lining can be completely removed and it easily washable. The outlining 3D band allows for a better transpiration, creating a higher feeling of wellbeing.

B: The Padding
The padding is made of two different materials. The first is Memoform, an anatomical material, which perfectly adapts to the silhouette of the body and offers a pleasant feeling of lightness and relaxation. The second is Super Soft fiber, soft and transpiring, ensures a feeling of utmost wellbeing, embracing your entire body during your sleep.

C: Level of comfort
The special Eliosoft layers (of 5 cm and 8.5 cm), both built with the Stretch technique, gently “stretch” your back towards the opposite sides of the mattress, reducing compression of the spine and offering a stretching effect, for a soft comfort, but with the right support.

D: Base layer
The base layer, made of an Elioform layer of 8.5 cm, is designed to ensure an optimal support of your back..
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Preferred ComfortMedium Firm
CoverOutlast®, Viscose
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