Magnfilex Superiore Deluxe Pillow


A. Cover
The Outlast® temperature-regulating fabric creates a perfect microclimate all night long. When your body temperature rises while you are asleep at night, the excess heat is absorbed and when the temperature drops below the melting threshold, the bubbles solidify again and release the built-up heat. It includes a breathable 3D band that you can easily remove and wash.

B. Hygienic drape
Protects the inner layer by increasing the pillow’s level of hygiene.

C. Interior
The interior in Memoform is designed to react to the weight of the neck, head and shoulders, offering a pleasant feeling of lightness while you rest.

D. Manufacture
The airy design of the pillow ensures perfect breathability and optimal dispersion of moisture and heat, thanks to the holes in the middle.

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