Egyptian Cotton Towels

The Vencasa Egyptian Cotton Towel Collection is ultra absorbent, incredibly soft and can last a life time. Egyptian Cotton gives this product the exceptional characteristics of superior softness, colour and durability.

Size Options: Face cloth, Hand Towel, Bath Towel, Bath Sheet, Bath Mat
Colours: White, Beige, Charcoal Grey

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The Vencasa Egyptian Cotton towels are made of 100% cotton grown along the Nile in Egypt. This extra-long staple cotton creates a highly absorbent and luxurious soft towel. Egyptian cotton fibers are valued for their superior length and strength, which reduces the buildup of pile and lint. As a result, the towels feel more cozy and comfortable against the skin, making this an everyday indulgence worth investing in.

Egyptian Cotton gives this product the following exceptional characteristics:

Softness : The superior length and strength of the cotton yarn creates a softer towel. The length also creates a more lustrous fabric surface, less prone to pilling.
Color : The uniformity of the fibers absorbs dyes at a more even rate resulting in a more vibrant and lasting color.
Durability : The loop evenness and density offers a compact and even look with added durability when compared to other forms of cotton.


  • Beige
  • Charcoal Grey
  • White


  • Face Cloth – 33 x 33cm
  • Hand Towel – 50 x 90cm
  • Bath Towel – 70 x 130cm
  • Bath Sheet – 86 x 160cm
  • Bath Mat – 60 x 100cm

Composition : 100% Egyptian Cotton.
(Egyptian Gold Seal Registration nr. 0480)

Care Instructions:

Machine wash up to 60º. Do not bleach. Tumble dry on medium heat. Although towels can be ironed we recommend not doing it. The pile gets better not being submitted to the direct heat of the iron.

Sizes and Pricing

Bath Mat 60x100 Beige R269.00 MUN-01-B
Face Cloth 33x33 Beige R29.00 MUN-02-B
Hand Towel 50x90 Beige R129.00 MUN-03-B
Bath Towel 70x130 Beige R269.00 MUN-04-B
Bath Sheet 86x160 Beige R399.00 MUN-05-B
Bath Mat 60x100 Grey R269.00 MUN-01-G
Face Cloth 33x33 Grey R29.00 MUN-02-G
Hand Towel 50x90 Grey R129.00 MUN-03-G
Bath Towel 70x130 Grey R269.00 MUN-04-G
Bath Sheet 86x160 Grey R399.00 MUN-05-G
Bath Mat 60x100 White R269.00 MUN-01-W
Face Cloth 33x33 White R29.00 MUN-02-W
Hand Towel 50x90 White R129.00 MUN-03-W
Bath Towel 70x130 White R269.00 MUN-04-W
Bath Sheet 86x160 White R399.00 MUN-05-W