15 June 2018

Most Dads don’t ask for much on Father’s Day and it’s the simple things that they get from the family that make their day even more special.

  1. Breakfast in bed

There’s nothing better than waking up to the aroma of a hearty breakfast being prepared. Well, actually there is one thing better – enjoying that hearty breakfast while still in bed - and in particular, on a TEMPUR Contour Supreme Mattress. The outstanding comfort and support provided by this mattress will not only take the pressure off dad’s back, but will also take the pressure off him having to wake up to go anywhere this Father’s Day.

  1. Well-deserved back rub

Although it might not be literal, Dads normally ‘break their backs’ throughout the year to ensure that the entire family is well taken care of. A warm, soothing massage is just what they need on Father’s Day. Why not give him that loving and well-deserved back rub on a Magniflex Magni Stretch 10 Mattress. He can stretch out and feel your loving touch all over his shoulders and back, all while experiencing true Italian craftsmanship, aimed at perfecting the sleeping experience.

  1. Family time

It’s always great to get that loving and nostalgic feeling of the entire family, all cuddled up in bed together. And with the Vencasa Vera Plus Comfort Mattress, it’s easy to get everybody huddled together and having great, quality family time, without having to go anywhere this Father’s Day.

And the beautiful thing about all of these 3 simple, yet highly memorable Father’s Day gifts is that they can be enjoyed by Dad, while he sleeps in on a variety of quality products available online or in-store. Visit Vencasa for exquisite, yet affordable beds and bedding.

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