05 March 2018

At Vencasa, we are proud to have served South Africans for the past 3 decades by not only providing them with premium quality products and world-renowned bed and bedding brands, but by changing their lives, educating them on the importance of sleep and taking a proactive approach to their general well-being. Through this time, many people have come back to us, and told us why they love Vencasa and we thought it apt to share this with the world.

My cat pushes me off my TEMPUR pillow every night

“After suffering with migraines from my neck, my husband invested in a TEMPUR pillow for me. It was instant relief for a short while. After which, I started waking up in crooked positions with terrible pain in my neck. Apparently humans are not the only ones that think your product is superior! Luna, our cat now climbs on the pillow while I am asleep and pushes my head off with her back legs. I have tried cheaper memory foam brands to try get her to sleep next to me, but she can tell the difference and won’t sleep on any other pillow. Thank you for making the most expensive cat bed ever” Siobhan Incendiario.

At Vencasa, we have a stern commitment and focus to delivering a complete range of premium quality sleep solutions including beds, bases, mattresses and pillows to our customers. We partner with sleep specialists from across the globe and put that experience and expertise to work for the local market in providing only the best in the finest beds and bedding. You can feel the difference! Visit our Sleep Experience Centre in any of our stores nationwide to test the difference for yourself.

So much professionalism and care was displayed

“My wife and I would like to take the opportunity to commend the service we received from Justin. He delivered on his promises and once he arranged a date and time, he was punctual and polite and dealt with our issue promptly. It is really a pleasure dealing with an individual that displays such professionalism and care toward his customers” Jaco Laubscher

We encourage our clients to take a proactive approach to their overall wellbeing. When anyone walks into one of our stores, we won’t just sell them any bed! Our sleep experts – who are well trained and understand the science of sleep, first assess you and give you expert advice. We consult with you to understand everything from your sleeping positions and habits to your bedding material of choice. We take every aspect of your sleeping well-being into account and provide you with a holistic solution to suit you as an individual.

I get the comfortable rest my body needs to recover

“Being a sportsman your body takes a pounding every day and the most important thing we need for recovery is rest! But not just any rest... Rest that is comfortable and helps you rather than hinders you. No point waking up worse than you did falling asleep. I have always suffered from lower back and neck stiffness from all the traveling and constantly being in a seated position on planes. Ever since I started using my TEMPUR mattress and pillow I recover quicker, wake up refreshed, without pain in my pressure points. Most of all my lower back no longer has stiffness and I have full movement and range in my neck! I unfortunately can’t carry my mattress with me but I don't fly anywhere without my TEMPUR pillow. So thank you to TEMPUR for the amazing sleep which cannot be beat” Richard Levi (South African Cricket Star).

We stock a wide range of products from renowned brands like TEMPUR, Sealy, Magniflex, Reed Family Linens, TEMPRAKON© and our own Vencasa range. Our appreciation for the science behind perfect rest means that the innovation and development that goes into every product is medically informed and scientifically sound.

TEMPUR beds are designed to relieve pressure, absorb motion and conform to your body’s shape, making it the perfect product for Richard. Magniflex is the bed crafted in Italy, formulated to reduce back and neck pain – you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. And our range of Sealy and Vencasa products include a selection of orthopaedic beds and mattresses engineered for bodily support and to help you align your spine.

Our products are loved nationwide! Get the superior formula to a good night’s sleep that your body craves. Visit us Vencasa for exquisite, yet affordable beds and bedding.

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