TEMPURĀ® Material is a high-density viscoelastic foam that perfectly adapts to your body shape, weight and temperature for night-long comfort and support.

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5 Facts About The TEMPURĀ® Mattress


Developed in association with NASA in the 1970s


It has been proven to reduce the amount of tossing and turning by 74%


The viscoelastic cells inside instantly respond to your body warmth, shape and weight


Itā€™s proven to relieve pressure across your body. Less pressure means better blood flow, which results in improved sleep


Unlike the viscoelastic available on the market, TEMPURĀ® material is more dense, more supportive and longer lasting

Developed By NASA For Better Quality Sleep

Please note that no other viscoelastic material on the market can claim to be certified and recognised by NASA.

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Why TempurĀ® Material Works

Its proven pressure relief gives your body total comfort and support. It absorbs motion from your partner so you are less likely to disturb one another. How TEMPURĀ® Material works is complex, but what it does is simple: help you sleep better, longer, deeper.
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During the sixty hours it takes to create a single TEMPURĀ® mattress, we perform sixty-seven different quality checks.

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