Terms and Conditions


  • Delivery is free, nationwide in South Africa.
  • Delivery will be made within 8 business days from receipt of payment.
  • Any item that is customised, will be delivered 8 weeks from receipt of payment.
  • No collections will be allowed from our Head Office or stores.


We will guarantee a 85% buy-back of your purchase of a TEMPUR mattress or adjustable system if you adhere to the following terms:

  • The 180 Night Buy-Back Guarantee starts from the date of delivery and will end at midnight on the 180th day after that date.
  • Vencasa will buy-back the TEMPUR mattress and/or adjustable base for up to 85 % of the original purchase price after discounts.
  • Within the 180 days, the purchaser must spend a minimum of 60 nights sleeping on the mattress (and appropriate base). If not satisfied, the purchaser must notify Vencasa in writing of their intention to take up the 85% buy-back after the minimum period of 60 days, and before the 180-day deadline.
  • The purchaser must invest in a TEMPURFit mattress protector at the time of purchase and commit to keeping the mattress clean and the base in working condition.
  • The 180 Night Buy-Back Guarantee is applicable to normal retail and promotional items, but not to any demo items or sale items.
  • The 180 Night Buy-Back Guarantee is only available in South Africa.
  • The 180 Night Buy-Back Guarantee refund excludes collection fees.
  • The 180 Night Buy-Back Guarantee is on condition that the mattress/adjustable base is not soiled and that there is no permanent damage on the mattress or adjustable system.
  • Products must be inspected by Vencasa before approval of the buy-back.
  • Any added value promotional items received by the purchaser will be deducted from the buy-back value and retained by the purchaser, unless they are unopened in their original packaging, in which case they can be returned.
  • The 180 Night Buy-Back Guarantee replaces the previous 90 Night Buy-Back Guarantee. Mattress / Adjustable Base Buy-Back Procedure:
  • Should you, the customer, wish to take up the buy-back, you can request to return the product to us – either by emailing orders@vencasa.co.za or completing a Return Request Form online.
  • Please note that we will require photographs of the mattress to be sent to us via email, in order to assess the mattress and base for damage and cleanliness. Please ask for instructions for taking the necessary pictures for the buy-back in order for it to be approved. These pictures are required by Vencasa within 7 days of receiving the buy-back request with all the necessary documentation. Inspection by Vencasa will be required before final approval is given.
  • The cost of packaging it and returning it to us is at your own expense. Should you require us to arrange this, we will provide a quotation to do so.
  • Upon receipt of the returned product, we will refund you 85% of the original purchase price.
  • Refund will be effected within 7 business days of receipt of the product at the Vencasa Johannesburg distribution hub.


  • Due to hygiene factors – pillows, mattress protectors and bed linen are non-refundable and cannot be returned once the original seal has been opened.
  • Accessories and massage devices can be returned within 7 days if they are in their original packaging, not damaged and only with the purchase receipt.
  • TEMPUR mattresses and other adjustable bases may be returned for a full refund within 7 days of receipt, if:
    • Returned unopened in original packaging;
    • They were received as a gift, and are returned unopened in original packaging; or
    • If the mattress has been opened, the 180 Night Buy-Back Guarantee (as detailed above) applies.


Defective goods will be repaired or replaced, subject to individual product warranty and guarantee. If your product is defective or you are unsure if it is defective, email orders@vencasa.co.za to initiate an inspection, or complete a Return Request Form online. Please note that we may require photographs of the item to be sent to us via email, in order to do an assessment. A call-out fee may be charged for on-site inspections.


Each product has an individual warranty and guarantee – click here for the Vencasa Product Guarantees & Warranties. Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase.


These terms and conditions apply to you (‘the buyer’) for the purchase of the goods listed on the invoice from Vencasa (‘the seller’).

  1. Nothing in this agreement will confer any third-party benefit or right to enforce any terms of this agreement, except when expressly agreed between parties. If the buyer intends to pass the goods onto someone else as a gift or otherwise, the buyer must note the name and address of the person on the invoice, to enable that person to have the benefits or right to enforce any terms on this contract.
  2. The buyer acknowledges he is aware that it is not guaranteed that the goods sold will cure or alleviate any illness or ailment or be appropriate treatment for it.
  3. The goods are only recommended for approved use as stated on the instruction manual.
  4. If the buyer intends to purchase goods for any use not approved by the manufacturer in the user manual, he/she must use his own skill and judgement, or that of an independent advisor in deciding whether those goods are suitable.
  5. The seller will endeavour to deliver within 8 days, but the delivery time is approximate and the seller is not liable for delays caused by circumstances beyond his reasonable control. Examples include, strikes; terrorist acts; war, supplier, transport, production problems; and natural disasters.
  6. The seller cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or injuries arising from the purchase of this product.
  7. Should purchases be cancelled prior to delivery, any deposit paid to the seller is non-refundable (excluding customised items which are non-refundable). The place of delivery is on the delivery instructions on the invoice. The title to the goods and risk of loss passes on delivery.
  8. Should the seller choose not to enforce his rights in terms of this agreement, this shall in no way be deemed to be a waiver by the seller of his rights under the agreement.
  9. The contract between the buyer and the seller is governed by the laws of South Africa and any dispute between the parties will be resolved exclusively by the courts of South Africa.
  10. This contract comprises the whole agreement between the parties. No variation, cancellation, addition, deletion, or waiver of, or to this agreement shall be valid unless put in writing and signed by both parties.
  11. Repairs or exchanges of the product, or this period do not alter or extend the guarantee.
  12. TEMPUR guarantee is subject to registering your product/s on the za.tempur.com website.