The Perfect Summer Bed With Vencasa

While summer is fantastic for outdoor activities and hanging out with family and friends, it can be challenging to get comfortable and fall asleep at night.

It might be challenging to get a good night’s sleep during a heat wave, but did you know that your body’s temperature and environment can impact how well you sleep? Not only can heat make it difficult to fall asleep, but it also has an impact on how well you sleep.

Here is how you can get yourself the perfect summer bed with Vencasa


Thermo-regulatory technology interacts with your body, cushioning temperature changes during the night and maintaining a constant temperature while you sleep. Always the right temperature adapted to the needs of your rest. The Velfont Thermoregulator range by Vencasa offers the best results when it comes to providing a constant microclimate throughout the night. The Velfont thermoregulator range.

  • Dampens temperature variations, creating a constant microclimate.
  • Reduces body overheating, which reduces night sweats.
  • It features Outlast technology which was developed by NASA, it is used to make astronaut suits and its function is to control sudden changes in temperature in space.
  • It reacts to body temperature, cushioning its changes and providing an individualized comfort zone for each person.

Speaking of linen, the Velfont All Seasons Anti-dust mite duvet inner is the perfect way to eliminate the heat during those hot summer nights. The Velont All seasons anti-dust mite duvet inner is made with silk-touch microfiber outer fabric with a beautiful, embossed design. The filling of this duvet is top-quality conjugated hollow fiber.  In addition, this fiber combines excellent thermal properties with a high degree of comfort to make this duvet an ideal product for a healthy rest. The Velfont All Seasons Duvet Inner is a 2-in-1 duvet inner so it can cater to those hot summer nights as well as those cold winter nights. The two parts clip together with fitted press studs to form one inner duvet for those cold winter nights and unclip, so you use 1 for those hot summer nights.

. The Velfont All Seasons Duvet Inner 

  • Covers all thermal needs.
  • It has an extra soft touch microfiber fabric.
  • It is scientifically Proven Dust Mite Treatment
  • Silky soft to the touch

A hyper-breathable pillow contains materials that circulate the air, and keep you cool throughout the night. The 100% Talalay Natural Latex pillow by Vencasa  is comfortable, and breathable, helping you to stay cool during those hot summer nights. This ventilation, created by the open cell structure, helps prevent sweating, reduces dust mites, and promotes a hygienic, healthy sleep.

The Gel Dough Pillow by Vencasa offers a variety of pillows that will definitely cool you down during summer. The Malouf Gel Dough Pillow is one of the pillows included in the range, this is a pillow that features a temperature regulating gel that will help keeping your temperature down for the night. The Malouf Gel Dough Pillow;

  • Is infused with temperature-regulating gel to balance your temperature, ensuring you never sleep too hot.
  • The gel regulates temperature for cooler, more satisfying sleep.
  • The inner core is convoluted on one side, flat on the other, and completely removable to give you the support you need while siliconized microfibers create a cushy pillow for your head.
  • The silky Tencel™ Lyocell cover wicks moisture and regulates temperature for all-season comfort.

A high-quality mattress can frequently dissipate your body heat much more effectively than other options, allowing your core to reach the optimal temperatures for the best sleep. The cooling mattress range by Vencasa offers the best quality and technology that can cool you while you’re getting the best back support.

  • The Magniflex Magnicool range by Vencasa offers unparalleled coolness due to the innovative fabric which promotes air circulation and keeps the microclimate between the body and mattress constant. The innovative Magnicool fabric provides a unique sensation of freshness, like the blow of a gentle breeze, a sweet and soft awakening as though you were sleeping on a cloud.
  • The ONE by Tempur range by Vencasa features a new and improved Cooling Technology for cooling covers which helps with staying comfortable on those hot summer nights. The latest fabric technology keeps your mattress cover feeling cool to the touch and helps absorb excess heat.

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