Synonymous with luxury, Velfont began its journey in 1971, fostering good nights' rest by delivering premium linens to the world.

Operating under VELAMEN, S.A. - a Spanish firm that specialises in the manufacture of high-end textile products for the home, the Velfont range aims to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding customers. In addition to the anti-dust mite range for which they are most well-known, Velfont offers healthy, hygienic sleep with their waterproof and bamboo linens, while their Thermo-regulator range offers temperature-controlled comfort.

Velfont products are made with the highest and most stringent standards of quality, taking into account the social, environmental and economic impact on society and the individual.

Being fully committed to product innovation and using the most advanced textile technologies, the Velfont range includes household linens; from pillow cases, to mattress protectors, sofa covers and more, so customers can rest assured.