We were born with the intention of improving people’s rest and offering a product for every need. Our catalogue of products is designed to be able to accompany the whole family in their rest, from the smallest to our elders. We know that our rest is unique, which is why we have diverse product ranges that provide specific solutions for each need.

We believe in the powerful combination between tradition and innovation. On the one hand, we contribute the experience acquired over more than 50 years, maintaining the passion for doing things right and developing products that are a benchmark in their category in the market, selecting the best raw materials and producing with the most demanding quality standards. On the other hand, we are continuously committed to innovation by incorporating the most advanced textile technology, which allows us to anticipate consumer needs with better and more innovative products.

We understand rest as a fundamental pillar for our well-being and, therefore, for a healthier lifestyle. In 2021, we have celebrated our 50th anniversary, being a benchmark in the rest category and, especially, in bed protection products with the widest range on the market.

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Our goal is to provide a healthy and quality rest through excellence in everything we do, but always consider the social, environmental, and economic impact on our society and our planet.

For this reason, our sustainable soul leads us to promote and promote sustainable practices throughout the manufacturing process:

  • We bet on untreated natural raw materials (free of solvents and other chemical agents), renewable and of recycled origin.
  • We make locally and this allows us to ensure the quality of our products from start to finish, as well as monitor our values throughout the entire production chain
  • We work to reduce the ecological impact of all our processes
  • We reinvent out packaging to reduce the use of plastics and minimize waste

Sleep with a purpose

We understand rest as a fundamental pillar for our well-being and, therefore, for a healthier lifestyle.

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