FAQ’s – Tempur

A "hot" sleeping experience can be felt on any mattress as it depends on one’s individual heat metabolism as well as external factors like quality of linen, room ventilation, climate of the region one lives in and age of the individual.

If you are used to a traditional mattress, your new Tempur mattress may take a day or two or up to a couple of weeks to get used to. Similar to a pair of new leather shoes that feel more supple after they’ve adapted to the shape of your foot, your body may need a short time to adjust to your new Tempur mattress while the mattress cells are fully opening to optimally adjust to temperature and weight.

Yes, a slatted, breathable base is essential to the optimal performance of the Tempur material.

No. Motion beds are for anyone looking to greatly improve the comfort and quality of their sleep.

No. Tempur is a vertically integrated company meaning that they do all their own research, development and manufacturing of Tempur products in their own factories. There are only 3 Tempur factories, one in Denmark (the home of Tempur) and 2 in North America.

All Tempur mattress and pillow covers are machine washable in regular laundry loads but the unique Tempur material / foam is not washable.

No, but you may rotate your Tempur mattress from top to bottom every 3 months.

Because high heat negatively affects Tempur material it is advised not to use an electric blanket.

Yes. Valid in 143 countries world-wide.

Tempur material is composed of millions of moveable open cells that are designed to cushion and support your body during sleep. It is sensitive to temperature and weight so it conforms to your body shape allowing for your most comfortable sleep night after night.

No. Tempur material returns to its original shape time after time and is temperature and weight sensitive, whereas memory foam has a much shorter lifespan than Tempur material and is only weight sensitive.